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1. CAC vs CPA- how to calculate correctly – Andrew Chen

“To start off, let’s address a common myth. Customer acquisition cost (CAC) and cost per acquisition (CPA) are commonly conflated, and yet in reality they’re completely different metrics. Understanding the difference is the start to understanding CAC in depth.

CAC specifically measures the cost to acquire a customer. Conversely, CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) measures the cost to acquire something that is not a customer — for example, a registration, activated user, trial, or a lead. The two are related because CPA is usually used to measure the cost of things that are leading indicators to CAC.”

2. Twitter Thread on Visionary vs Optimizer – Ensemble Capital

“There are two CEO archetypes: Visionaries and Optimizers. Both types can create substantial value for shareholders, but require different evaluation tools. Here’s how we think about it: 1/15”

3. Audio’s Opportunity and Who Will Capture It – Matthew Ball

“While the past 40 years tell a frustrating story in audio, the 100-year history is very different. Throughout the 20th and 21st century, audio has continually discovered new delivery mediums, formats and monetization models. This began with the launch of the radio broadcast in 1927, which blanketed the country in audio, extended with the transistor radio of the 1950s, which made audio truly portable and private, through to satellite, digital stores, and Spotify streams. Today, the audio category is 40 times bigger in real terms than it was exactly a century ago, two times as big as it was 50 years ago, and up 30% since 1994.

 And just as audio needs a broader 20th-century framing, it also needs greater 21st-century context. While it was the first major media category to be disrupted by the internet, it remains the least connected to it when considering both time and revenue. Terrestrial broadcast radio still has more than 40% of non-concert audio-related revenues and listening time – a feat maintained since 1930.

This is good news. The reallocation of revenue and time will fund an enormous set of new content creators, production companies, and distributors. And as always, monetization will be affected too. For example, terrestrial broadcast radio pays fixed per-play rates, regardless of the number of listeners, and only a song’s writers are compensated, not the performers. On-demand streaming pays per listen and all talent is compensated. In addition, these services pay on a fixed share of revenue basis, which means talent’s revenues grow linearly with that of distributors.”

4. MEMO: DTC’s Covid’s Advantage – Web Smith, 2pm

“The airline industry is well aware that customers are fed up with the performative arts of airport security. Retail customers will grow tired of the performance much sooner. For affluent travelers, there are more options than ever to include TSA PreCheck and Clear. Any digital tool that clears the commitment to added time and steeper inconvenience has grown in appeal.

There are analogs for the parallel that I am going to make. Like digital verification has become the patchwork for a broken screening strategy throughout America’s airports, digital commerce will become the antidote for the burdens placed on brick and mortar retailers to perform safety. The direct-to-consumer industry is positioned to benefit from these new safety measures.”

5.Back stretches for lower back pain – Jeremy Ethier

A timely video for those who are guilty of seating too long or suffering from that nagging back ache!

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