We all consume massive amount of information in a given week, from the nutritional information on our cereal boxes, to an intricate white paper detailing the potential of blockchain technology.

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1. Why Tesla wont use LIDAR– German Sharabok

LIDAR cannot differentiate a road bump from a plastic bag. This is example was mentioned in the conference and is extremely important to take into consideration. If we are driving at high speeds on a highway and there is a plastic bag, we do not need to make a quick stop. It will not be much of an issue if we hit it.

Now, if the car stops, that’s where real dangers come in. Cars behind will probably not be able to react so quickly to our stop in the middle of the road. Such situations further demonstrate the attention to detail required when making self-driving cars.

Tesla made it clear that their system of cameras and radar is able to detect what an object is. The radar looking forward is able to quickly tell if there is anything problematic ahead. Once an object comes into sight, cameras will decide what the object is and then the car can react to the situation.

2. The one who defines the category wins the category – David Sacks

“When incumbents adopt your category definition, when they define their agenda to respond to you, instead of your needing to respond to them, don’t sweat it — it means you’re the new category leader.”

“In the end, the deciding factor in our competition was architectural. Yammer was born in the cloud whereas Jive was on-premise. Eventually our viral freemium model swamped them, in both leads and popularity. If you can position yourself around an architectural strength and de-position your competitor around an architectural weakness, it will be very hard for them to respond. Architecture is destiny.

3. Twitter thread on how doordash rose to prominence – Michael Bloch

4.The Reasonable Optimist – Morgan Housel

“The reasonable optimist is a little pessimistic, a little cynical, maybe even a little glum – not because they’re helpless, but because they’re realistic about how complex the world is, how fickle and opaque people can be, and how history is one long story of surprise, bewilderment, setback, disappointment, confusion, disaster, and humbling reversion to the mean.

Things tend to get better because people are naturally optimistic – almost obviously so – and believe they’re capable of making things better, which motivates them to wake up in the morning and try to make things better. The odds of failure and setback are ignored in a way that pushes people to try all kinds of crazy and innovative things, a few of which work and benefit everyone else.

A realistic optimist is someone who knows that what happens in any given day, month, or year will be surprising, disappointing, difficult, and mostly out of your control. But they know with equal confidence that what happens in any given decade or generation is likely to be pretty good, bending heavily toward progress.

5. Amazon- One day shipping

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