Aside from a company’s investor relations page, below are some of my frequented resources that I use to supplement my research and learning. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, remember that Google is always your best friend! You can learn anything and everything from the web!

Tip: YouTube has some great education materials as well, if you’re more of a visual learner.

Blogs and Newsletters

Saber Capital
Value Focused Investment Firm – John Huber

The Generalist
Covers Tech and IPO companies – Mario Gabriele

UBS Chief Investment Office
Market Insights and Investment Opportunities

Collaborative Fund
Impact Investing – Morgan Housel and Team

Turner’s Blog
General Partner of Gelt Venture Capital – Turner Novak

Philosophical Economics
Macroeconomics & Investing – Jesse Livermore

Ensemble Capital
Intrinsic Investing – Ensemble Capital Management LLC

Oaktree Memos
Insights from Howard Marks

The Good Investors
How to invest in stocks – Chong Ser Jing and Jeremy Chia

Steady Compounding
Journey of a Value Investor – Thomas Chua

Financial Tools

Security snapshots and pricing charts

Earnings Call App
Listen to companies’ earnings call on the go!

Guru Focus Insider Transactions
Real Time Insider Trades

SEC EDGAR Database
Company 10K (annual), 10Q(quarterly) and 14A (proxies) fillings

Macro Trends – for Financials Statements
Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statements along with select financial ratios

Hypecharts – Visualizations
Revenue, Earnings and related financial information visualized neatly in charts!

Personal Development

Mental Models
339 Mental models explained to carry around in your head


Invest Like the Best
Interviews with business leaders and investors by Patrick O’Shaughnessy – Personal favourite of mine

Investor Podcast – We Study Billionaires
Interviews with financial billionaires

YouTube Channels 
Look up YouTube for CEO interviews and media releases

CNBC Originals
Inside look into iconic companies and industries

Alhambra Investments
Making sense of current economic backdrop

Motivational speeches, stories and videos – motivation only gets you started, discipline and consistency keeps you growing.

“To achieve goals, you have to apply discipline and consistency”
“Don’t confuse movement with progress”
“When you make it, reach back, pull someone else up. Each one Teach one.”