The advent of the internet has democratized the access to information and almost anyone is able to access information with phenomenal ease. However, as a result, the world that we live in is overloaded with information, content, and ideas. Some are repetitive, some are obsolete, and some can be conflicting.

Curating therefore becomes especially critical to filter out the noise, retain and transform the relevant information into knowledge. Afterall, information without knowledge is worthless. Knowledge is the ability to assimilate information and form conclusions.  

This website was born during the Covid-19 pandemic, out of frustration over missed opportunities and inconsistencies.

I started this blog with the intention of achieving 3 goals:

To elucidate my thoughts and develop more robust mental frameworks
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Connect with like-minded people
Improve my written communication skills

My wish is for readers to be able to draw valuable investing insights out of my writings, scrutinize and challenge my thinking. I greatly welcome readers to send me their thoughts about my writings or investing in general.

You can find my contact information HERE

You can also read a detailed post explaining my motivation for starting this blog HERE

(Special Mention – I’m forever grateful to my family and friends who’ve encouraged and supported my decision to start this website!)

Cheers and see you guys around!
– Investing Curator